What precisely is growing up? Is it going up a bra size?Is it your favorite shoe or item of clothing not fitting anymore? Or is it,the fact that you can now understand the lyrics to that R Kelly song? For me,it was the moment I realized I could no longer use the phrase “when I grow up…”

As much as society likes to put a number to mark the beginning of adulthood i.e 16,18,21 and so forth.I truly believe growing up or as I will continue to refer to it “maturity” is relative.As an African, traditionally I would have been expected to go through initiation rites once i hit a certain age.They in turn would have better prepared me for my next stage in life which typically would have been marriage.Well of course the rite of passage varied from tribe to tribe but the whole process was constant.

Now in this modern times we may have lost that tradition,some that I’m happy about (F.G.M) but some still stand i.e getting your period (hahaha). Although we have some present day replacements.For example getting your driving license,voter’s card,prom etc.But do those things really matter in terms of maturity.In a day and age where teenageers look like thirty year olds *ahem Kylie Jenner* and fifty something’s act like twenty year-olds what truly defines maturity??


I would personally define it as the point at which you fully accept and are aware of yourself and are capable of carrying out the tasks that are expected of you with full accountability.


How would you describe maturity. Is it learning to forgive someone who isn’t sorry? Your first paycheck,moving out of your mother’s basement or getting that first kiss you have been longing and dreaming about for so long.comment down below,I would love to hear from you.


Some light sense of humor




As my title suggests we are currently living in a world overrun by bad bitches.Now,for those of you who may not know,In this day and age being called a ‘bad bitch’ is actually a compliment. Don’t ask me how?when? why? because I haven’t got a clue.

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